Collection: Customize My Planner

Follow steps 1-5 to get the foundation of your planner. Then add the final touch which will make your planner unique and one of a kind. 


Final touch Options 

Planner bands are a great way to keep you planner closed when you’re traveling and keeps important papers securely inside. Bands are held on with eyelets on the back cover.

Divider Tabs make it easy to flip from month to month quickly.

Folders are a great option if you need to keep business receipts or a place to store notes. It could also be a great place to hold planner stickers.

Snap-in tabs are handy so you can quickly jump to your day. They easily snap in and out so you can move it around your coiled planner. 

Page markers are similar to snap-in tabs but instead of snapping onto the coil they simply go on the top of your paper, much like a paper clip. 

Planner accessories such as charms are another great way to make your planner unique. With over 60 charm options I’m sure you will find something that catches your eye. 

Planner Stickers sized perfectly to go with the Organized Chaos planners, the planner stickers are a great tool to help you with reminders and appointments.